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Ink Plane

Hi, everybody! I'm a developer from Russia who dreams of making his first game. I apologize in advance for my English. If you see gross errors in the text, please write to me. I would be very grateful.

There are a lot of similar games where you can play for plane. And I decided to make a similar game in the ink style. The game was called "Ink Plane".

In this game:

  • 3 levels (Air, Water, Land)
  • Original enemies and bosses in each level
  • Hard bullet hell
  • Cool graphics
  • Lots of fun

This is my first project, you can even call an experiment. If you like my game then please write reviews and suggestions. It's very important to me.

I'm actively working on the game. Follow me on Twitter.

My contact details:

arturgamedev@gmail.com - mail

@ArthurPetrovS - twitter

vk.com/arthurgamedev - vk

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